The Urn Bag

  • Mar 1, 2016

The concept of the Urn Bag was first developed in 2006, when Patty Fay and Nancy Lohman collaborated on the project together. It was first determined that there was a need for temporary cremation containers for families who were to distraught or financially unable to purchase an urn in a timely manner, often times after an unexpected loss. Familiar with the circumstance, Patty remembers her mother after the untimely death of her youngest son. She recalls the experience to this day; how her mother was so upset she could barely walk. Patty picked her brother up from the funeral home where he was cremated and when she returned home, her mother screamed, "Is that Brian?"

Without having purchased an urn, Brian was returned to them in a plain cardboard box. Some families aren't as fortunate. Nancy Bronner of Amelia, Ohio received her 17 year old son in a Walmart bag. Both of these incidences left the surviving family members feeling devastated and unappreciated. Of course, these funeral homes do not represent all funeral homes; they have their need for affordable solutions in common.

To answer this call, with the help of many, The Urn Bag was created. Designed to transport a variety of shapes and sizes, and able to secure and support a hefty weight. Reinforced straps sown into the nonwoven fabric the entire length of the bag, removable reinforced covered bottom, and spacious dimensions (12" W x 13" H x 8" D) make the Urn Bag incredibly durable. As the name suggests, the Urn Bag is optimal for the dignified transport of any cremation container. Starting at $1.69, The Urn Bag is an excellent investment to ensure you always have the means to make your families feel comforted.

Additional options include the Cremains Box and the Cremation Container Bag. The Cremains Box features 20pt. white poster board and an open area (6.5" W x 8.88" H x 4.33" D). The Cremation Container Bag has 12" handles and a rectangular dimension (8" W x 4" D x 10" H). The high density material of the Cremains Box and supporting shape of the Cremation Container Bag make them the ideal temporary cremation container when paired together. Starting at $1.69 a piece, it's never been easier to impress your families with your thought and consideration.

Just as important as ensuring your families comfort and satisfaction; your own family. With your image tastefully upon any one of these affordable cremation containers, your business name will be sure to be a conversation piece.


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