5 MORE Ways to Promote Your Brand FREE

  • Feb 18, 2019

Here are 5 MORE ways to promote your brand for FREE


6. Think of 10 Tag Words that reflect your brand

These Tag Word will be used to provide a quick description of the products, services, and overall experience you provide.
With the average consumer’s attention span being just 8 seconds,* it is so important to get your brand noticed as quickly
and effectively as possible. Having a short list of Tag Words is a great way to keep your brand simple while maximizing search
results. Examples of Tag Words such as cremation, cemetery, and funeral home are obvious choices. Don’t be afraid to dig deep
and find some specific Tag Words that will help your brand stand out; such as words that describe unique or rare products and
services your business offers.

Our 10 Tag Words:

Logo, Urn Bag, Umbrella, Table Cover, Quality, Budget, Creativity, Promotional Products, Branding, Care

7. Write about your chosen Tag Words 

This is an exercise intended to help you and your colleagues identify what Tag Words describe your brand and how do they catch
the attention of consumers. A great way to evolve this tip further is by sharing your brainstorming via a blog or Facebook post.
This could be a self-introduction of your brand or just bouncing ideas between peers.

8. Use your Tag Words in as many places as possible

Using these Tag Words throughout your website and other content will create an association between search engines used by
consumers and those specific words linked to your brand.

9. Create your own blog

Blogs are a simple and creative way to build a bond between your brand and community. Write about experiences your business
has had, community events you’re involved in, or charities your business works with. Use your Tag Words throughout the blogs to
increase search results. Share your opinion or evaluation of articles related to your business, such as cleaning cemeteries and
gravestones or preplanning and include how the experience affected your business, your staff, and yourself.
There are many sources available to help you create a free blog. 
www.wix.com www.godaddy.com www.wordpress.org

10. Share your blog 

Once you’ve created your blog, you’ve got to share it! Share your blog to your website, Facebook, and even Twitter. The more that
you can contact and interact with your community and consumers, the more exposure your brand receives. In the funeral home
industry, word of mouth seems to be the die-hard marketing tool. By sharing this informative personal side of your business,
you put your businesses name in front of consumers.


As we share these tips with you, we too are sharing our experiences and how they have affected us! Our own Director of Sales and
Marketing had decades of marketing experience when she joined our Eternal Brandings team, yet she considered promoting to the
funeral home and death care industry to be challenging. By appling the same tips that we are sharing with you now, our marketing
director began seeing results. Many consumers are just simply unaware of a need like preplanning until it is presented to them.
Getting your brand and the services you offer into the views of consumers opens their eyes to what is available.


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*Digital Information World - The Human Attention Span - September 10, 2018

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