Branding That Cares

  • May 10, 2016

What is Branding That Cares?

Here at Eternal Brandings, we have a saying. "We don't sell, we provide." What we provide is more than just a product with your logo on it. We provide an opportunity to show your families that you care enough to go the extra step as well as the opportunity to meet new families.

Most families don't think of a funeral home unless there is an urgent need. Even in the case of an expected passing, each family will cope with their loss by reaching out to their funeral director for information and, often times, comfort. You have the ability to provide your families with the individualized care and comfort that they need. Our products are affordable, which gives you the opportunity to provide this level of service to your families, for very little cost to you. 

When your families are ready to move on, they will take everything you have given them as a reminder of their loved one passed. They will remember how your family was there for them when their family was in the most need, and they will associate these feelings with the items given to them by you and your funeral home. They will share their experience and your branding with others, which gives you the opportunity to build relationships with families before there is an immediate need for a funeral home.

For centuries, families and funeral homes only met for the first time upon the death of a loved one. Even when a family has been referred, generally they have not heard of your funeral home before. The public perception of funeral homes and services has become outdated. You do more than simply assist in burying the dead. You deal, collaborate, bond and do business with the living. The idea that a funeral home can provide a little extra to their families and establishing a name for themselves within their community, at an affordable price, all while challenging the taboo stigmatism of the industry.

That’s Branding That Cares!

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