5 Ways to Promote Your Brand for FREE

  • Jan 15, 2018

1. Create a presence on Facebook

     Facebook is a well-known and valuable tool for communication and networking, but how can it work for a funeral home? Here are some examples:  

          - When an obituary is posted, assuredly the family members will share it via Facebook with friends, creating an instant array of followers. 

          - Share your community involvement on Facebook! Some examples include collecting winter coats for seniors, fingerprinting for kids and grandkids,

            having a grief pet that gives comfort, donations to schools; etc.

          - Post about holiday events. Share how your business and your family celebrate. Get your community involved by asking them to share.

          - If you offer Grief counseling, flag retirement, or any other special or unique service, consider sharing.

          - Absolutely share your funeral home's history and experience in death care.

          - Like we’re doing now; offer some free tips on preplanning, estate planning, and other valuable information not commonly considered.

          - Introduce your staff, their experience, and where they’re from.

     Basically, the message is clear: SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

     Interacting with your community and peers is THE BEST FREE WAY to promote your brand! 

2.  Create a presence on Twitter

     In case you were wondering; Yes, you can tweet an obituary! A community event, a new staff member, or outreach program.

     Think of Twitter as a real time account of every business interaction.

     This will keep your community informed.

3. Create a presence on LinkedIn

     Promote your brand in the more professional setting of LinkedIn by connecting with your peers, such as estate lawyers and medical professionals;

     share tips, ask questions, and interact.  

4. Publish a YouTube Video

    Videos are a powerful way to promote your brand! Share the personality of your funeral home, your staff, and yourself.

    Include a prerecording of some of your special services, such as the releasing of doves.   

    You can share your video across all social media platforms, once it has been posted on YouTube.

5. Interact with other social media communities

     Networking is at the core of branding. Interacting with your community and peers gives a face to your brand. Your face!

     Getting your brand noticed is just the start. You will give your brand life, and you may even find that you can benefit from sharing your industry.




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